some tattoos i want to get at some point in the future

meaningful tattoos

tattoo, planet, and art image
this tattoo actually has some meaning. i want it but with the words "you rearrange me 'till i'm sane" written around the bottom. it's a pink floyd lyric that really means a lot to me.
Lyrics, the beatles, and strawberry fields image
i absolutely love this tattoo. the beatles are my favorite band of all time, and if i could get every beatles lyric ever tattooed on me i would.
tattoo image
this is another beatles tattoo, with some of my favorite lyrics
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i doubt my sister will ever get a tattoo, but if she would, i'd get this one with her.
3d and tattoo image
david bowie is one of my biggest inspirations and i really want a tattoo honoring him, though i'm not sure if it would be this one or a simple blue and red lightning bolt.
tattoo, quotes, and grow up image
my dad's old calvin and hobbes comic books were one of my favorite things to read when i was younger, and i love the idea of a calvin and hobbes tattoo.
back, mountain, and shoulder image
i'd like a mountain tattoo because i'm from colorado (though i don't live there now) and the mountains have always meant so much to me.
tattoo and books image
the little prince is one of my all-time favorite movies, and i absolutely loved the book.

meaningless tattoos

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i absolutely love the idea of having a small bee tattoo, mostly because Burt's Bees is my favorite brand of chapstick. i've also considered getting a little tube of Burt's Bees tattooed (that's only kind of a joke).
tattoo, peach, and orange image
i love the idea of having a peach tattoo. there's absolutely no meaning behind this tattoo besides the fact i think it's cute
tattoo, fox, and art image
foxes are one of my favorite animals, and i love the idea of it "jumping into reality" (as one of my close friends put it).
Inspiring Image on We Heart It
i love floral tattoos, and i love the bright, vibrant colors of this one
tattoo, cactus, and arm image
i think cactuses are just so cute and i love these little cactus tattoos
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poppies are my all-time favorite flower, and i love how simple this one is
Image by 𝑁𝑢𝑢𝑟♕
i love geometric patterns and flowers, and i think this one is a good combination of the two

that's all for now. maybe i'll do a part two with more meaningless tattoos that i want later

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