Hello darlings,

Well it is my last official day of break and I did promise to write at least three articles before my break is over. This weak I have been relaxing and trying to get as much rest as I could fit in before I go back to school; which is tomorrow.

I hope you guys enjoy this playlist I have put together for you guys. It's suppose to give you early 2000s popular girls sort of vibe.Here are some pictures of the aesthetic it is suppose to give.

mean girls and regina george image
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y2k, 2000s, and paris hilton image
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pink, aesthetic, and grunge image
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lips, pink, and glitter image
aesthetic, white, and locker image
💕 and ❥ tłᒪᒪeᖇ$ᗯłᖴe¥¥ ❥ image

Ok so I hope you guys get the aesthetic now so here is the playlist. Btw not all songs are from the era but give you those early 2000s high school mean girl vibes. There are a lot more songs on the actual playlist which you can find on my Spotify link below.

Girlfriend//Avril Lavigne
Barbie Girl//Aqua
Toxic//Britney Spears
Wannabe//Spice Girls
...Baby One More Time// Britney Spears
Tick Tok//Kesha
Call Me Maybe//Carly Rae Jepsen
Telephone//Lady Gaga, Beyonce
Fuqboi//Hey Violet
Rich Girl//Gwen Stefani,Eve


Well I hope you all enjoy this playlist and all my previous articles which you can find here:

I pray that you all find the strength to go back to work or school after this break. Please send your positive thoughts towards me as I honestly don't know how I will last since my next long break is in July! I will try my best to post some more articles but I cannot promise anything. Until next time my lovelies.

All the love,