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Let's not even mention how we're basically half-way through April and now I decide to inform y'all what my playlist for March was.

Anyways, here's the songs for last month.

Icon by Jaden Smith

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I've always thought Jaden was on the weirder side on the sane spectrum but i gotta give credit where credit is due.

It's a lit song that I found my self listening to lot during the beginning of last month.

The Beautiful and The Damned (feat. Zoe Nash) By G-Eazy

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This songs basically explains how he sees himself as having two sides: the angel (Gerald) vs the devil (G-Eazy)

Throughout his song he mentions his zodiac sign, which is a Gemini. And if you know anything about Geminis,

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its honestly like dealing with two different people.

The beat of the song is amazing and the lyrics put me in the mindset of having to deal with two different people within the same body

I'm talking to myself, "what's wrong with you?" You should make some songs to turn up to.

So Good (feat. Kash Doll) by Big Sean

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Not gonna lie, I don't have a man (or anything close to one) but this song makes me want to have one.

This song is so sexy, playful (and a little nasty too). You just gotta listen to it.

Mine by Bazzi

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I'm the only one who get hype when the beat drops the first time in the song.
You're so f*cking precious when you smile....

This song just makes me want to fall in love so bad and have a guy sing this to me while we're dancing in the ran or something.

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Such a positive song that reminds me why i love, love.

All of Joyner Lucas's remixes & Stranger Things (with Chris Brown)

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Joyner Lucas is probably the only rapper that can come out with a remix to a popular song and I'll prefer his remix or the original song. When i say he spits gas...



Anyways, just to list a few of his remixes (that all can be found on sound cloud)

music, lucas, and soundcloud image look, remix, and joyner lucas image music, remix, and joyner lucas image music, rap, and joyner lucas image
Bank Account, Look Alive, Gucci Gang, & Mask Off just to list a few.

Please check him out. The days of hyping rappers that rap about just drugs, sex, and partying needs to come to an end. We need more of a positive voice when it comes to rap music and social media. And Joyner Lucas is just one of the many few...

III Mind of Hopsin 5, 8, & 9 by Hopsin

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Hopsin is another rapper who raps about things bigger than having fun, drinking, drugs, sex, and partying. He talks about real things and real life.
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In III Mind of Hopsin 5 he talks about how there's more to life besides partying, having sex, doing drugs, and the rappers who promote and endorse that message.
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In III Mind of Hopsin 8 he talks about how his manger took advantage of him.
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And finally in III Mind of Hopsin 9 he's talking to his son and how he's mothers (Hopsin's baby's mother) made it close to impossible for him to have a relationship with as he grows up.

Hopsin is another great rapper who deserve more hype and recognition for the music he makes. Please check him out.

Contra by Logic

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My homboy, Bobby Toarantino, killed this song. I don't who he was talking to (or about) but this song is my hype song.

For anything.

Only come around a f*ck with me when a boy winnin'

To this day, when i hear this lyric, I just makes me want to work hard and stunt even harder.

The Boy Is Mine by Brandy & Monica

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I honestly don't know how these girls could be so polite confronting what they believe to be the "other women" (even though their man was playing the both of them) .
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This song just reminds me how time have changed and the women during the 90's (I guess) held themselves to a completely different standard the 21 century women does.

This song is so soothing and their voices definitely complements each others.(Also shows you how guys ain't shit. Just saying...)

How Long by Charlie Puth

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I honestly would slap the mess out of my dude if he did have the stuff Charlie's female confronted him about.

No matter how cute he looks, how funny he dances, or how beautiful he sings.

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Beside that, this song has a great beat, that makes you want to dance but (if you pay attention to the lyrics) is also relatable for both parties (the innocent and the cheater).

Paramedic! by SOB X RBE

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Comes straight off the Black Panther album. Such a great hype song. I freaking love this song.

I just felt like every single rapper in this song brought the same energy as the other.

"They ain't wanna see me win cause I'm black, so I pulled up in a Black Benz in the back..."

That has the be my all time favorite line from this song (maybe even of the whole black panther album in general).

High Maintenance by Saweetie

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This song is so girly, the vibe is so uplifting and boujee (in a good way).

I'm far from being high maintenance (physically anyways) but a girl can dream, right?

Never Call Me by Jhene Aiko

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I know y'all tried of me mentioning this girls music but the shit is good okay.

To be honest, I kind of skipped over this song when it played while I would listen to her album.

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But after I saw (both) music video(s, which were great by the way) and listen to it to a few times, this song easily became one of my favorite songs.
You should've called me. Why you never called me.

Bad Intentions by PARTYNEXTDOOR

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Basically, in this song his saying how he's a bad influence and can make his good girl do bad things.
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Since I'm consider a good girl (by myself and my peers), you can only understand how much i relate to this song.
My shawty is a good girl, not a freak ho, seven days a week.

Call Out My Name by The Weeknd

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when i tell you i feel this song in my soul...

I feel this song in my soul

selena gomez, the weeknd, and couple image Image by Xavia Copyrighted image selena gomez, the weeknd, and couple image
I'm not even gonna beat around the bush and pretend like I don't know who he's talking about, cause its painfully obvious.

When the he said in his song

"I almost cut a piece of myself for your life. Guess I was just another pitstop til you made up your mind"
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I felt that shit in my soul. I felt that hurt. I felt everything he was saying, everything he was feeling, at that moment.

My baby was hurt.

"Girl, why can't you wait til I fall out love?"

Those lyrics there, broke me and i haven't even been in a relationship close to that.

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You could hear the pain in his voice when he sang that. I wanted to cry for him.
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After hearing songs like this, it's hard to look at certain people the same.

That's my playlist for March.

Until next time.

Love, Smilez

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