How are you feeling?
What's on your mind?
Are you ok?
Did something hurt you?

Important questions that not many people get to answer because noone is asking them.

So i ask you!

Are you ok?
Are you hurt?
Is there something that you want to do and you are afraid to do?
Do you have feelings for someone and scared to show them?

Think about those questions...And if you say they're just questions and will do nothing on you, think again and actually yourself or write your answers(thoughts) down or talk to a person that's close to you or even tell me, if you want.

I'm sure that if you start think about what you are going through or what you want, your life will get better!!!

So here are some more questions that could help you organise your thoughts...

Do you have people close to you?
Are you good with your family?
Are you good with your friends?
Do you keep things to yourself?
Are you happy?
Do you have happy moments to your life?
Have you made any mistakes?
Can you fix your mistakes?
Can you make people happy?
Do you have dreams?
Do you try to acomplish your dreams?
Are you proud for something?
Do you try to reach your goals?
Are you there for the people who need you?

These are some questions that can put you in a place to think about your life. About the rights and wrongs you make.

If this article made you think about your life. I would love to make another one so i can help you in any way to improve your life^.^

Think about your life, and ways to improve it <3