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Capricorn (Dec. 22 - Jan 19)

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Determined, practical, wise, ambitious, cautious, shy, pessimistic, unforgiving, stubborn, and fearful .

Gemstones: Garnet, Ruby, Black Onyx, & Agate

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Garnet comes from the Latin "Garanatus" meaning "seed-like" for it's similarity to pomegranate seeds. It can be found in Austria, Brazil, Canada, Hungary, India, and South Africa. Garnet is known for healing, energizing, and purifying.

Rubies symbolize the sun and are known for protection and prosperity. They can be found in Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, India, Afghanistan, Australia, Namibia, Colombia, Japan, Scotland, Brazil and Pakistan.

Black onyx is for absorbing negative energy and protecting emotional and physical strength. It's found in Uruguay, Brazil, Afghanistan, India, Madagascar, Peru, the US, and Mexico.

Agate is known for emtional and spiritual harmonizing, as well as improving concentration. Agate is found in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Poland, Botswana, India, Australia, and the US.

Colours: Burgundy & Mahogany

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Dark red and brown are the lucky colours or Capricorn. Red is seen as the colour of good luck and fortune in China and is worn on Chinese New Year to promote prosperity in the new year. Brown is associated with the earth and with that healing, grounding, security, stability, and warmth.

Symbol: The Sea-Goat

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The goat symbolizes vitality and abundance in Greek mythology. In Norse mythology, they were chosen to draw Thor's chariot and thus symbolize fearlessness. The Chinese see goats as bringing great luck and is the eighth animal in the twelve year cycle, eight being the number of luck as well. Arabic mythology says goats have dignity and composure like no other. Goats are also associated with Satan and temptation in Christianity.

Element: Earth/Terra

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The earth element represents home, stability, security, strength, and grounding.

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