Be prepared

Whether you're visiting Florida or Alaska, there are wardrobe pieces that you should bring just in case. Don't flood your suitcase with pieces you probably don't need, just bring a pair of pants or shorts, depending on where you're going. For example, I was recently in Florida and I wore a hoodie 2 or 3 times.

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Do your reaserch

To avoid extra fees, know your bag limit and how much it costs, some airports charge $100 just for a carry on! Make sure you weigh your bags in advance and wear the bulky, heavy items.

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Pack lightly

I know, kind of contradicting, but trust me. You shouldn't need a whole new outfit each day, you can reuse items. This helps save space in your suitcase and also could save you quite a bit of money by cutting back on the bags you're bringing. And remember, you can always buy those items you forget.

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How to pack

When it comes to shoving everything into a suitcase, there's a ton of tricks that can help maximize your space.

โœŽ Roll items, seriously. It saves so much space because you can really pack them in tight. Consider rolling undergarments and putting them inside of your shoes.

โœŽ Make a list. This is extremely important, never go into packing without something to follow, otherwise most of the time you'll forget items or overpack.

โœŽ Travel wearing your bulky items. Wear the outfit and shoes that will take up the most space, but remember if you do this make sure you have room to pack it on the way back or you wear it on your way back.

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A couple items to not forget

โœŽ Passport, ID and tickets
โœŽ Wallet
โœŽ Chargers
โœŽ Toothbrush
โœŽ Hairbrush
โœŽ Headphones
โœŽ Gum
โœŽ Water and snacks
โœŽ Chapstick
โœŽ Sunglasses

When it comes down to it, its all about maximizing your space and minimizing the items you bring. Don't stress too much if you do forget something because you can always buy it. Don't worry about it too much because after all, you're on vacation and should have fun (:

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