I have seen a bunch of Greek Mythology aesthetics, and I was inspired to make my own version. The following stories are the Greek tragedies I find most interesting.


Dionysus and Pentheus

Pentheus was the cousin of Dionysus and king of Thebes. Dionysus was the greek god of wine and parties. Refusing to believe that Dionysus was truly the son of Zeus, Pantheus banned his people from worshiping the God. Enraged, Dionysus caused all the women in the land to go insane. When Pentheus tried to imprison Dionysus, but mo chain or cell door could hold him.

Dionysus convinced his cousin to find where the women were, and spy on them. However, the women were afraid when they saw Pentheus, mistaking him for an animal they tore him limb from limb in a frenzy. Pentheus's own mother was involved in the murder. She did not realize what had happened...until it was to late.

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Pantheon and Helios

Pantheon was the son of Helios, the greek god of the sun. When his father swore to grant any of Pantheon's wishes, the boy wished to drive his farther's chariot and carry the sun across the sky.

Unfortunately the chariot and its horses were heavy and hard to control. After Pantheon lost control and burnt half of Greece, Zeus was forced to strike Pantheon with a lightning bolt to stop the chariot. It killed him instantly.

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Apollo and Cassandra

The greek god Apollo fell in love with a beautiful mortal girl named Cassandra. She promised to sleep with him if he have her gifts of art and prophesy. Apollo did this, but Cassandra changed her mind and rejected the god. Angry and scorned, Apollo curses Cassandra so that no one would ever believe her predictions.

One day Cassandra saw a vision of her village falling for a trick and being invaded by an enemy kingdom. When she tried to warn her village, no one believed her because of Apollo's curse. They lost the war.

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At a ceramony for Leto, the mother of Apollo and Artemis, Niobe bragged that she was superior to Leto. Because she bore fourteen wonderful children, and Leto only had twins. Apollo and Artemis were so offended on behalf of their mother that they murdered all fourteen of Niobe's children in front of her.

Devastated by the loss of his children, her husband Amphion commited suicide, effectively wiping out her bloodline forever. Niobe was so upset at the murder of her family, that she sobbed and sobbed. Taking pity on her, Zeus turned her body to stone. But she was so sad that she continued to cry for all of eternity.

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