Pride and Prejudice is one of the biggest love stories till today. The book is most famous for the relation between Elizabeth and Darcy.
I would like to tell you more about this two characters.

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Elizabeth Bennet

She is the protagonist in the novel. Her family and friends call her often Lizzy or Eliza. She is the second child in a family of five daughters. She is 20 years old. Elizabeth has dark eyes, light and pleasing figure. She is

  • intelligent
  • witty
  • spirited
  • delightful

She is realistic about life. Elizabeth plays the piano. Mrs. Bennet likes her the least from all her children. Elizabeth wishes to marry for love.

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Fitzwilliam Darcy

He is a fine, tall and good looking person. Mr. Darcy is

  • clever
  • proud
  • well behaved
  • polite
  • reserved
  • fastidious

It says in book his pride never deserts him. With his friends and family he behaves differently than with people he don't know. He is disagreeable, conceited, high and horrid to people which are completely new for him. His explanation is I’m not good with strangers.

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Their mistakes

Elizabeth’s main mistake is a prejudice. Her first negative impression of Darcy, bad rumors about him, and Darcy’s influencing Bingley against Jane make her prejudice even stronger. That almost prevented her future with Darcy. But once she realizes the true story about Darcy, she recognizes that she was wrong to judge Darcy rashly regrets her prejudice.

Darcy was wrong to act so proudly and place so much weight on class differences. In the end his character changes and he learnes to be a gentleman to everyone. He also learns to love and admire Elizabeth for her strong character. He proves himself worthy of Elizabeth.

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Despite the fact that the novel was written in 1813, at present it does not lose its relevance. After reading Pride and Prejudice, I realized how much we condemn without recognizing a person, draw conclusions about the actions of people without knowing their true cause. How often we believe a person, who outwardly looks more attractive, manners, which are so obsequious to society. This novel wants to say do not judge and you will not be judged, because how sorry Elizabeth was about how she condemned the character of Darcy, without knowing the essence of the reasons for his behaviour.

Every person should read this book by Jane Austen. This love story is charming and cute. The relationship between Darcy and Elizabeth progressed throughout the reading of the story.
All in all, I highly recommend this book. I wish this novel always to remain readable.

Thank you for reading and supporting! You all are awesome!

Sincerely yours,
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