hi everyone! how are you? I hope better than me because this week I hurt my knee and the next one I'm going to have many tests at school.
This weekend there was the Coachella!!!! If you read my last article, you know that I'd really like to go to Coachella but ,unfortunately, I can't.

my last lookbook:

Look n° 1

Temporarily removed autumn, converse, and fall image girl, sunglasses, and smile image accessories, beauty, and fashion image blonde, goals, and hipster image girl, tumblr, and love image

jumpsuit | sneakers | sunglasses | necklaces

Look n° 2

Temporarily removed girl, smile, and drink image Image removed boho, fashion, and romper image fashion, girl, and aesthetic image hair, blonde, and hairstyle image

mini dress | fedora hat | earrings | fringe bag | combat boots

Look n° 3

Image by Leilys fashion, style, and outfit image rings, accessories, and jewelry image long, pink, and haïr image makeup, beauty, and eyes image Temporarily removed

long skirt | shirt | rings | boots

Look n° 3

Image by ★ Aisha Ali ★ fashion, outfit, and style image coachella, festival, and summer image fashion, shoes, and boots image coachella, fashion, and girls image hair, style, and coachella image

_bralette | shorts | cardigan | high boots

Look n° 4

style, fashion, and pants image fashion, style, and girl image bag, Louis Vuitton, and LV image fashion, shoes, and jeans image sunglasses, glasses, and vintage image earrings, stars, and gold image

pants | rockband t-shirt | backpack | sneakers | earrings | sunglasses

Look n° 5

coachella, girl, and summer image nails, white, and rings image shoes, fashion, and style image Image by Angel girl, hair, and music image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

long dress | rings | sandals | necklaces

hope to enjoyed you<3

see ya