hi, my name is eva and i'm a sleepy and shy person, but i like music a whole lot! i don't know, but people really seem to dig my music taste which makes me happy, i'm glad to share my favourite songs on here; so, i decided to make another playlist article. now, without any further ado, this is 4:02, the playlist :)

you - dodie
・゚✧ upbeat and super cute ・゚✧

this must be my dream - the 1975
・゚✧ wavyyyyy ・゚✧

loving is easy - rex orange county
・゚✧ i do the jig everytime i hear it ・゚✧

vines - hippo campus
・゚✧ sounds like the colour lime ?? ・゚✧

hml - sisyfuss
・゚✧ cute and relatable ・゚✧

make you feel pretty - lovelytheband
・゚✧ roadtrip-y ・゚✧

rollercoaster - bleachers
・゚✧ just makes me smile ・゚✧

daft pretty boys - bad suns
・゚✧ grooveyYyYy ・゚✧

vowels (and the importance of being me) - HUNNY
・゚✧ catchy and fun ・゚✧

your graduation - modern baseball
・゚✧ nostalgic without reason ・゚✧

playlist link: