hello beautiful people
as you may know, I am a complete series addict and i think i can say that it all started with the beautiful series called vampire diaries i just rewatched again and finally finished.
So this is a relook for me as well to see who stayed in my heart.

Favorite female character

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Katherine: she is such a strong character and even if she does bad things, she has feelings too she doesn't show often. that's what i really love about her.

Favorite male character

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damon: from the first moment on i loved him. maybe bc he is the bad brother or just his character. i can relate to his sarcastic way to deal with everything. but if it comes to love he is so passionate and i wish i could love like him some day.

If you could be any character, who would you be?

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caroline: i believe she is the character with the biggest development. she is such a fighter too. and she is a part of my fav shipping in tvd.

Least favorite female character:

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Kelly Donovan: like there are good 'bad' character and some are just eww. she doesn't even realise how much she broke the heart of her only son.

Least favorite male character:

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Alticus Shane: no words for him. i just found him weird lol

Favorite season:

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Have you read the books?

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Favorite family:

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Favorite ship:

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Klaroline: i live for this

Human Elena or vampire Elena:

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vampire elena

The character who should not have died:

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Stefan or Damon:

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How did you discover this show?

Through my lovely sister

Favorite cast member:

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Ian Somerhalder

crush on the show:

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The ship you hate the most.

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Jeremy and Vicky

How much you miss TVD?

Very much. I feel like grew through this show too and many of the characters are really inspiring.

thanks for reading ♥