I love you. But you don`t love me. You only love her. ~ Andjeli. R

I`m completely alone again as before. I just hoped you would look at me once or that you would ever show fake love for me. I kept on hoping and continuing.

Even if I were the only girl in the world, I think you would try never to love me. But why? What I didn`t what she did? What is wrong with me? Every time it seemed I became invisible when I tried to come near you.

The only thing I`m didn`t trying to do the last moment is crying about you, because I know you will never do that to me either. The only thing I wanted at the last time is that you will ever realize how much I tried. I had tried so much that I simply haven`t the strength to continue; with life, breathing and surviving.

Hopelly you happy with your dream girl and now I`m no longer more in yours way.

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- Andjel

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