Hi guys! It's me Agustina, today I wanna tell you more things about who I am just to get a little more closer to you💘
Soon I will be posting new articles totally differents to these. It will be more personals, i real
ly don't know how to explain it but you can read them pretty soon. Don't forget to follow me. Let's start...

1) My name is Agustina, and yeah if you don't speak spanish it will be very difficult for u to spell that name😂

2) I'm from Argentina and I am 17 years old but on april 22th i will be 18 🎉

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3) I'm only child, yeah I have no brothers and sisters. I always want to have siblings but i don't.

4) I started to study the english lenguage when I was 5 but then I just left and came back at 13 years old.

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5) I really love learn new lenguages. Do you know about that "bucket list" or something like that? Well it's about a list with things you want to do in your life. Every person make themselves and mine has learn almost 3 lenguages.

6) I'm on university and I start medicine's carreer. Yes people I wanna be a Doctor🖤 (since I was 13 years)

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7) I was born in a little town of Buenos Aires province but I moved to Buenos Aires City on january to start university.

8) I played handball for 10 years.

9) My favourite food is pasta❤ and burguers

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10) My favourites colors are gray, pink and yellow.

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11) I am a REALLY BIG fan of CNCO. Idk if u know them but if u don't u should go and check out their songs❤ (they sing in spanish because they are latins) I met them the last year and i miss hug them so much. My fav is Zabdiel💘 love you boricua hermoso

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12) My favs tv series are The Vampires Diaries. I really love that serie but i just i can't finish it (i started the last year and now i'm seeing season 5). I DON'T WANT TO END IT OK? okay i'm fine. And yes, I saw the final season AND I KNOW WHAT HAPPEN ON THE FINAL CHAPTER. Just in case you wanna know I'm team Stefan. And the other one serie that I love is Criminal Minds

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13) My favourites actress are Nina Dobrev and Emma Watson

14) My favs actors are Paul Wesley and Logan Lerman

15) Fav movies:
- Love, Rosie.
- Harry Potter, duh

16) I have 2 best friends (girls) and 1 best friend (boy).

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17) I'm a very honest person and it is not always something good, just because it might cause little fights with my friends and that kind of things u know.

18) I had very hard moments in my life. But i think that moments made me who i am now.

19) I don't fall in love easily and that's why i didn't have boyfriend yet. I mean, i had dates with boys but none made me feel butterflies on my belly yet. I would like to fall in love now bc I just want to have someone to love and who love me, and makes me feel that way.

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20) I'm very expressive person. I mean, i love hugs, kisses, u know. Give some love to this cold world

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