Hi guys today I'm doing my go to makeup look for semi-formal events. Also sorry the pictures aren't accurate I really wanted to add some.

Primer: Mario Badescu Rosewater Facial Spray
Carmex Lip Balm (for my lips lol)

mario badescu and rosewater image carmex, cherry, and fruit image

Foundation: Maybelline Fit Me Stick Foundation in "355 Coconut"
Powder: Maybelline Master Fix Setting + Perfecting Loose Powder in "Translucent"
Highlighter: Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow Palette

makeup, NYX, and translucent powder image beauty, nike, and hair image

Eyebrows: Brown Eyeliner from Ulta Beauty

makeup, beauty, and eyes image

Primer: Seraphine Botanicals Luminude highlighter
Eyeshadow: Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow Palette + Ulta Beauty Brand face palette
1. Apply shimmer Bronzer from TF Palette all over lid
2. Mix the two blushes from UB face palette + apply to crease
3. Apply Highlighter from TF palette under brow bone, inner corner and front half of the lid

Temporarily removed

Mascara: Maybelline "PUMPED UP! COLOSSAL Volum' Express"

beauty, dior, and mascara image

Lips: Be a Bombshell Lip Balm in "Ruby"

That's it for this makeup look, thank you for those of you who read through it all I hope it made sense. I think next I'll post my "Skincare Routine" Also the look for me normally winds up like this:

makeup, natural, and beauty image

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