1 - Find your true love or Receive USD 100 milion?

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Money, money, money!

2 - Never have friends or Never have Internet?

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Who needs (fake) friends when you have Internet? These two answers may have made you think I'm the coldest girl on Earth but at least neither money nor computers can let you down.

3 - You can never watch football or Never play games?

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I don't do neither of these activities actually. But football never interested me, whereas I remember how much I enjoyed playing with my Nintendo DS when I was a child. So I'll choose the first one!

4 - Be in friendzone or That your loved one deceives you?

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Be in the friendzone. Cheating is one of the most horrible things a man could ever do to a woman. It hurts so much.

5 - Meet Nicki Minaj or Meet Lil Pump?

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I don't even know who Lil Pump is, sorry!

6 - Wear Nike hoodie or Wear Adidas hoodie?

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It doesn't make any difference to me. Maybe Nike.

7 - Travel or Stay home?

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Just "travel"? No, go all over the world!

8 - Change your eye color or Change your hair color?

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My hair's. I've always wanted it blonde, or to dye it a strange color, such as pink, blue or teal.

9 - To be your best friend Zendaya or To be your best friend Selena Gomez?

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Neither of them makes me crazy, but I'll go for Selena because I have known her for the longest time. However, after watching "The greatest showman" I'm very curious about Zendaya too.

10 - Live in the ghost home or Live in the house where the murder occurred?

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Are you really asking this question to me, the one who is scared even of bees? However, I prefer the house where the murder occurred, at least the murdered man rests in peace in his grave.

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