Hello peeps...I finally decided to start writing articles. To be honest, I needed courage to start. I dont know why...
To get know me batter I would like to answer on some random questions.

What is your name?
My name is Iva.

How old are you?
I'm 17.

What is your favorite drink?
Orange juice.

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I'm drinking it now, while I'm writing this.

What is your favorite way to pass time?
Listening to music and reading books.

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Book Im reading currently? Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell | Song Im listening at the moment? Wherever I May Roam by Metallica

What is your favorite sport?

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Are you a dog person or cat person?

Both, but unfortunately Im allergic to cats so Im a dog person more. Aghhhh I love animals so muchhhhh...

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What is something you are gifted at?

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I will share some of my thoughts here

What is your favorite subject?

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My favorite part of history are Ancient times, World Wars and Communism period

What is the one item you can’t leave home without?
Phone, duhhh...hahah

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What phone I have? iPhone 6s

What is your eye color?

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What is your favorite color?

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What are your favorite music genres?
Rock and metal!

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I used to listen One Direction back then lol

Who is your favorite band?
Ugh, It's really hard question actually...I have so many. But let's say Sabaton, if I have to choose only one.

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Joakim Brodén is my spiritual animal. I love that man so much.

What is your zodiac sign?

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Nah, I dont believe in horoscope but time to time I love read something about it.

Describe yourself in a single word?

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Im a meme...I love memes...Memes are life. this is just some random meme i found.

The first app you check when you wake up in the morning?

What app do you use most?
Huh...also really hard question... but i just have to say top 3 because

  • instagram
  • we heart it
  • 9gag


  • I'm speaking/ learning English, French and Norwegian
  • Im an introvert
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So yeah peeps...That would be it for now...I hope it was interesting reading this.
Sorry for my bad English I guess

  • So 20 random facts about me.

Feel free to message me, I love meeting new friends and making new friends.

Byee for now,