Hey! my name is Shannon. I've been making themes for awhile now and I wanted to start giving my account more of a personal touch, so I decided to start writing articles. I decided to start this all off, id do the ABC Tag, so you can get to know me better!

Age: I am currently 17, but turn 18 this time next month!

Biggest Fear: probably heights, spiders, or clowns, but I also hate the thought of drowning in the ocean and dying.

Current Time: 4:46PM (IRELAND)

Drink You Last Had: tbh I cant really remember, I think it was lime water?

Easiest Person To Talk To: probably myself tbh, I can never talk to my parents about things and the same with my friends, I have my own way of dealing with situations when I feel stressed or anxious and I tend to go by those.

Favourite Song: probably one of the hardest questions on the list, atm I love 'done for me' by Charlie Puth and Kehlani. but my most favourite songs are ones that give me a sense of nostalgia from when I was a kid, example, Westlife, Shania Twain, and other artists and songs from my childhood. i also love The Greatest Showman playlist!

Ghosts, Are They Real?: if I'm honest, I do kinda believe in the paranormal, as much as I hate to.


Hometown: Attymass :)

In Love With: my cat suzie and my puppy louis. my cat was born on Halloween 2010 and is currently 8 years old and my puppy was born the 16th of September 2017 and is 7 months old.

Jealous Of: people who can travel wherever they want whenever they want.


Killed Someone?: nope, only poor insects.

Last Time You Cried: last night, and tbh I don't know why lol, I literally cried for no reason, anyone relate?

Middle Name: Margaret

Number Of Siblings: 4, an older brothers, younger sister and two older step siblings, an older brother and an older sister, (me and my step sister are both called Shannon lol)

One Wish: to travel around the world, especially america

Person You Last Called: my friend Charlie.. several times.. to which she didn't respond

Question You're Always Asked: why are you and your sister both called Shannon?

Reason To Smile: 1 word. brownies.


Song Last Sang: Rewrite The Stars - Zac Efron & Zendaya Coleman (The Greatest Showman)

Time You Woke Up: quite late actually because I was out the last two nights. id say around 1:25pm maybe?

Underwear Color: black

Vacation Destination: Floridaaaaa!


Worst Habit: I bite the inside of my cheek a lot

X-Rays You've Had: nada, because I never leave the house LOL

Your Favourite Food: so freaking hard!? I love spaghetti and I love fajitas and I love most desserts and just ugh! everything tbh

Zodiac Sign: Taurus