there's everything under the sun on this playlist

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i started loving the color yellow after i met this wonderful girl and she just absolutely made me fall in love with yellow; here's some music that makes me feel like i'm in the sunshine

ukulele / mellow happiness

  • first day of my life, bright eyes
  • bloom later, jesse rutherford
  • cliche, mxmtoon
  • don't play your card, mxmtoon
  • the sideline, mxmtoon
  • sunflower feelings, kuzu mellow
  • they got nothing on you, kuzu mellow
  • space song, beach house
  • wildflower, beach house
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no words, just mellow beats

  • cherish, mt. marcy
  • both of us, idealism
  • a moment of silence, idealism
  • falling down, nohidea
  • sincerely, yours, nohidea
  • im closing my eyes, potsu
  • i'm sorry, swell (feat. shiloh)
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more upbeat happiness

  • sunflower seeds, bryce vine
  • mona lisa, monte booker
  • talk 2 u, brent faiyaz
  • home, brent faiyaz
  • needed, brent faiyaz
  • that one song, gnash
  • sex, EDEN
  • my boy, billie elish
  • bellyache, billie elish
  • toothpaste kisses, the maccabees
Temporarily removed flowers image

happy mix of jon bellion and the 1975

  • hand of god, jon bellion
  • ungrateful eyes, jon bellion
  • woke the f*ck up, jon bellion
  • overwhelming, jon bellion
  • guillotine, jon bellion
  • settle down, the 1975
  • paris, the 1975
  • chocolate, the 1975
  • UGH!, the 1975
  • she's american, the 1975
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