wanderlust :
a very strong irresistible impulse or desire to wander, travel and explore the world.

1. A preferred method of travel: plane, train or car?

I never take plane but i take train three times to go to London and it's more fast than car.

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2. You're leaving tomorrow, money is no object, where are you going?

To Hawaii. Since kid my dream is to go there.

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3. Your top 3 travel items?

Money, my phone and my camera.

4.Beach, mountain or big city destination?

I love the city as mush as the beach.

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5. Travel alone or with a companion?

I never travel alone for the moment, but i think i prefer share this with a friend or with my family.

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6. Name a place in the world where you'd love to shop?

Oxford Street in London and Les Champs Elysées in Paris, i did both and i love them both.

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7. Your essential makeup items for the beach,

Sunscreen to not burn.

8. What accent in the world is your favorite to hear?

When americans or english try to speak french.

9. Where have you traveled to that you would like to visit again?

London is my favorite city i never visit for the moment, I would never get tired of going there. There is also Royan in France, a little city next to the beach, I go there all summer since i was born.

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10. Favorite city/country in the world?

I think i don't have visit enough city/country for choose but I really like London.