Hey Hearters,
So in this article I'm going to be telling you what my favorite songs at the moment are. Some you may know and others you wont. If you haven't heard of some of them please go listen. Lets begin.

1. Lost in Japan

shawn mendes image
Shawn Mendes

2. In my blood

shawn mendes, in my blood, and music image
Shawn Mendes

3. Loose

aesthetic, music, and tumblr image
Daniel Caesar

4. Someone that you love

beach, pale, and sexy image
Jarreau Vandal

5. Location

location and khalid image

6. Stay Lost ( Cabu remix )

majestic, music, and majestic casual image
Joe Hertz

7. Personal

dark theme, rp theme, and hrvy image

8. Don't even know your name

black and white, blackandwhite, and canada image
Shawn Mendes

9. Violet

blue, daniel, and white image
Daniel Caesar

10. Who I am

aesthetic, boy, and boys image
Tayler Holder
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