hey, hows things going? today while i was in my class i wrote this challenge to improve my writing skills, or maybe just to share something personal with the world anyway here's the list:

day 1- I am

Inspiring Image on We Heart It

day 2- to my lover

Image by Trang

day 3- my past

quotes, past, and grunge image

day 4- to my haters

Temporarily removed

day 5- depression

Temporarily removed

day 6- I can relate

fashion image

day 7- grateful for

jeans and tumblr image

day 8- another wish

dark, black, and aesthetic image

day 9- about him/her

boy image

day 10- a romance story i want

love, couple, and kiss image

day 11- open heart

girl, summer, and ocean image

day 12- blue

beauty, picture ideas, and woman image

day 13- things i want to change


day 14- this guy i saw

Temporarily removed

day 15- future plans

Temporarily removed

day16- god

aesthetic, camera, and brown image

day 17- friends

friends, grunge, and pale image

day 18- to my mother

family, baby, and mom image

day 19- to art

art, photography, and fred herzog image

day 20- winter and rain

Temporarily removed

day 21- school

study, university, and book image

day 22- old dairies

music, quotes, and life image

day 23- your starting role

girl image

day 24- fears

makeup, pink, and blush image

day 25- happy moments

black, fashion, and girl image

day 26- sad moments

Temporarily removed

day 27- I am powerful

Temporarily removed

day 28- it takes everything in me

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day 29- somebody else

aesthetic, you, and grunge image

day 30- why me

camila mendes, riverdale, and lana del rey image
*** i didn't talk much about what you can write based on the topic but you have to use your imagination lol, just read the topic and be inspired and write. *** I am not a perfect writer neither you

good luck <3