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I left Ivy's house at 1AM. The cops came at 12:30 and kicked everyone out. I tricked them into leaving so no one got in trouble in the long run. Suck it, party pooper neighbors! Man, it's good to be a witch. I helped Ivy clean up a bit with Tyler. He decided to sleep at her house. I needed fresh air so I decided to leave. I got a genius idea to go to a museum a few blocks away. They're my safe haven. I love museums. Some people go to comfort food, some their horse, but me, I travel. I disappear and explore. It's just something I must do. Fortunately, I'm a witch and can do this effortlessly. The sound of a motorcycle triggered my memory. I thought about my dream from last night. I fell asleep for 20 minutes and dreamt of this dark haired guy getting onto his motorcycle. He felt familiar yet I've never met him. It was weird. I went up the museum steps and used my powers to appear inside. I inhaled deeply and felt goosebumps rise up my entire body. This was home. I had this entire museum to myself. I decided to view the entire museum and practice some magic. By the time I was done, the sun was shining. I walked down the steps and was greeted by the cutest little kitty I've ever seen. There was no one around, and so the most logical option was to put it in my sweatshirt and give her a good home...right?

Image by Brutal Fantasy

She walked over to me and didn't seem timid in the slightest. Still drunk from the night before, I reasoned with myself, when someone tries to tell me to get rid of the cat, I'll just say she chose me. I giggled to myself and put her in my sweatshirt. I decided to keep walking. I got down the block and I felt her purring. I smiled. I'm naming her Scout.

I kept walking. I didn't know where I was going. For some reason I walked into the martial arts gym. I was greeted by a sweaty Cora with an unhappy look on her face. "Heeey," I said, feeling kind of awkward. "Hey?" she half questioned. We were cousins, but we weren't close. I know what kind of person Cora is and that's not the kind of person I want to have a close relationship with. I looked behind her and saw him. The guy from my dream. I must be making this up. He started to walk over. I was still trying to figure this out. "This isn't do our nails and gossip time, Cora," he said. "I didn't invite her here," she said. Now I really felt out of place. "Umm...your sweatshirt is moving," he said. I slowly looked down at my bulging sweatshirt. "Are you drunk?" Cora asked. This was a disaster. "Wellll...yes. Yes I am. And I found this cat on the way here...she's adorable. She chose me, and I named her Scout," I word vomited. It was about this time when I regretted every life choice that led me to this point. And about the same time Scout's head popped out from my sweatshirt opening. Cora bust out laughing. The guy looked at me closer. I felt him looking at me so I looked up at him. "Do I know you?" he asked. I shook my head. "I don't think so," I responded, not quite sure how to feel. I was on an emotional rollercoaster right now. He recognized me too? How could we recognize each other if we've never met? Did he dream of me? I was too overwhelmed. "I'm sorry about this. I'll see you later," I said and headed out. I just wanted to get to my house and forget about the events after finding Scout. Before I went home, I stopped at the pet store to get some cat supplies.

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