DAY 5: List five places you want to visit.

Hey all! You thought I wasn't coming back, diodn't ya? :D Well, here I am again! Had some stresfull things ahead of me. They are not quite finished yet, but they will some day. :) Anyway, back to writing ;)

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So... I have a plan to travel all around the world in the future ;) And I hope it will become a reality ;) So here it is... 5 places I want to visit... Well, it's contries, because I couldn't name the specific places... :D

1. Brazil: I wanted to go there since I was little. I watched FIFA through my TV when it was in Brazil and I promised to myself: I am going there. It is so beautiful.. The atmosphere, happy people! DUDE! Who doesn't want to go there. :D

rio and brazil image

2. Italy: food, music, wheather, mood, buildings... Like guys... I think that if I ever visit that place I will not leave :D And I am serious... Need to practise my Italian then.. :D

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3. France: i mean the atmosphere, food, famous tower... People, fashion.. oh all because of that and much more. Please, take me with you if someone is planing to go there :))

paris, city, and night image

4. Australia: I don't have to explain, do I? It's a beautiful place to be staying at. Love the atmosphere and every little thing of it. Def a place worth seeing ;)

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5. Japan: Modern world, lots of people, colourful cities, amazing places to see... Just... You have to visit before you die. :D I mean just look at it.. :D

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So yeah. I mean I used the same reasons why I would want to visit those places, but that's the point of traveling. To see the buildings, cities and just get to know the cultures. ;)

I hoped you liked my artickle ;) Hope to keep writing it every day ;)

Have agreat day and keep smiling ;)