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I'm not a party girl nor can I pretend to be. It's too loud and crowded. You can smell the testosterone and the alcohol. Luna was dancing and I didn't want to bother her, so I escaped to the kitchen. I hopped up on the counter and looked outside. The trees were blowing softly and if terrible music weren't piercing my eardrums, I'd say I felt rather peaceful. I started to think about Kiki. I'd rather be at my stable right now than at this party watching people make decisions they'll regret later. I didn't know anyone was in the kitchen until I felt someone touch my arm. I spazzed and nearly fell off the counter. I looked up and couldn't help but blush. He was tall, dark, and handsome alright. He looked almost as alarmed as I did and threw his hands up. "I'm sorry for scaring you. You're sitting on my jacket sleeve." Of course I am, I thought to myself. I hopped off the counter. "Sorry. I should've looked before I sat down," I said. "It's all good," he said, putting his sweatshirt on. "You're Riley, right?" He asked. How did he know my name? "Yeah...." I replied. "I'm Jordan. I'm on the football team with Tyler. Nice to meet you," he said. "Likewise," I smiled. "There a reason you're hiding in the kitchen?" he raised an eyebrow. "I'm not hiding, I'm just...," I didn't get a chance to finish. A guy ran over to tell us Ivy's neighbors filed a noise complaint and the cops were seconds away from knocking on the door. "Crap," I blurted out. Luna must have heard the news because I was suddenly in my room. I was kind of sad I didn't get to make more of a fool out of myself in front of Mr. Jordan. But I was grateful to have a sister as protective and loving as Luna. ~ i love you, luna. please stay safe ~