This is a list of iconic 90s movies that you should watch if you haven't seen them already.

Drive Me Crazy

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Drive Me Crazy, follows the classic boy/girl next door romance trope. This movie is the pinnacle of all of the teen rom-coms of the 90s. So if you love the 90s and you love rom-coms this is the perfect movie for you.


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This movie is the heathers of the 90s. Or an earlier Mean Girls, with a far darker twist. The movie has a sort of difficult plot to explain, but the movie surrounds a group of girl who accidentally kills their friend while trying to surprise her for her birthday. If you're looking for a light-hearted film about female friendship, then you were misled. It is, however, a gripping movie, that developed a cult following years after it was produced.

The Craft

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Have you ever wondered what you would change about your life if you got powers? Well, this group of teenage girls who dabble in witchcraft change the parts of their lives that suck but may end up going too far. The craft, like Jawbreaker, is another teenage movie with a cult following. It's an iconic movie that's action-packed.

She's All That

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She's All That is the classic 'nerd girl is actually beautiful the whole time and becomes popular' movie. Zack a popular boy takes a bet that he can make any girl Prom Queen, and is given Laney (nerd girl) as his subject. This movie isn't necessarily life-changing but it is a cute teen movie and more than that a good movie that's totally worth watching.

Cruel Intentions

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This movie isn't necessarily my favourite movie that came out of the 90s but it is considered incredibly iconic. After a new girl moves into town, who is the pinnacle of purity and is quite literally the poster girl for abstinence until marriage, Sebastian places a bet with his sister that he can seduce her. This movie is truly a rollercoaster until the end

Other Iconic Movies

This movie is incredibly iconic but I talked about it in another article

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10 Things I Hate About You
Once again Iconic, but talked about it in another article.

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Spice World
Who doesn't want to watch a movie about the Spice Girls and girl power?

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Never Been Kissed
Romantic movie, about a girl who goes back to high school for an undercover story for the newspaper and falls in love with a teacher.

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I'm absolutely sure you heard of this one, even if you haven't seen it. The 90s was an iconic time for horror movies I, however, haven't gotten around to watching them yet.

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