It was in maths class, when we made eye contact for the first time ever and when my life was about to change forever. You had this spell over me, which made it impossible for me to look away from you. It was only a couple of hours later that I realized you've actually been trying to get in touch with me already. We started talking and got best friends so quick. I adored you from day one on. I was amazed by you and I still am. And we had the most amazing 2 months together anyone could imagine. Having to leave, to say goodbye to you broke my heart into a million little pieces. But we stayed in touch, we became even closer until we were finally able to see each other again, two and a half years later. And then it finally happened... our first kiss... a memory that yet makes me smile like an idiot but hurts me like a stab in the heart at the same time.

People say there's nothing like bad timing, that you can make anything work if you just want it enough. But that's not true. We are the best example. We want each other more than anyone could ever want another human being and yet we don't stand a chance of being together. Of bearing the oceans between us. We tried... oh we tried so hard and failed so badly.

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