I was out of breath. I felt even more drunk than before. My life just shattered before my eyes. Tyler was rushing to put his shirt on. I quickly zipped up my jeans. "Do you think he's going to say something?" he asked me frantically. "I don't know...I really hope not. This is bad..what were we thinking?" I shook my head. Tyler grabbed me by the shoulders and looked me dead in the eyes, "No one can know about this, Levi. No one can ever find out I'm gay," he said. I nodded. He walked out. I ran my hand through my hair, still flustered from the intense makeout session. I had a crush on Tyler since the first day I met him. I jumped at the opportunity to kiss him. He confessed he hasn't kissed Ivy because he's not sexually attracted to her. I sat down on the bed and thought to Mason, ~ please keep this to yourself. You weren't supposed to see that ~ I didn't know what else to do. I wasn't ready to tell anyone my sexual preference. I was still figuring this out. I took a deep breath and walked out of the room. Leaning over the railing I looked down at the party and wondered what kind of night everyone else was having.

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