Valeria Lipovetsky

She's a model, holistic nutritionist and even though she looks like a 17 year old, she's actually 27 and is a mommy to two beautiful children.
She's all about empowering women and self love.
Valeria has a great style. She make videos series called Chic on a budget and you'll definitely going to get inspired by the way she styles simple, affordable clothing.
She knows how to take care of her skin(in and out). Like I already mentioned she's a nutritionist, so you're not only going to view skincare routines but some healthy recipes.

Kelsey Simone

Slay Hard Pray Hard was written on Kelsey's merch.
She's very cute and fun but also bad and boujee at the same time.
Kelsey is a total beauty guru. She loves makeup, face/body skincare products, high end looking affordable jewelry/clothing and thrift shopping. She often travels and uploads vlogs in which you'll get to see her cool mum too. Hauls and lookbooks are a big part of her channel. Kelsey's into minimalism, she said so herself but you could tell yourself by her room decor, Instagram feed and the color clothes she wears.

Kalyn Nicholson

This girl loves her subscribers "to the moon and back". She organizes and plans everything, which is a good habit to adopt. She also loves:

  • traveling
  • tattoos
  • physical activities
  • reading
  • music
  • fall
  • meal prep-ing

Kalyn does "Coffee Talks" and talks a lot on mental health and self love. She often covers the common issues, so sometimes when you're feeling down her videos can be exactly what you need in the moment. I love that every video of hers starts with a inspiration quote. Kalyn is a dreamer but she's very hardworking and the kind of girl who will accomplish her every single dream.

Thank you for reading.
- All the love. Vee.