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I didn't get an invite to this party, but I heard people talking about it. Besides, it's a party. Do you really need to be invited to go? I hate Ivy, but I love a good party. I asked my friend Cammy if she wanted to come because we're pretty much the same person. She was the first friend I ever made.

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You only wanna go to this party to see Mason," Cammy stated. It wasn't the only reason, but I did want to see him outside of school. "You only wanna go to this party to hook up with someone's boyfriend," I fired back. Cammy gasped, trying to digest the words. "You're right," she said. We laughed and continued walking. "We're set in case there's no good drugs at this party," Cammy said while looking inside of her purse. "Cocaine, weed, lsd, AND downers," she flaunted. "It's going to be a good night," I replied. We both took xanax before entering the party. I took a few of the goodies for my own purse. I walked into the party and right into Mason. He looked like he'd just seen a ghost. He shoved past me and walked right outside. "Rude, much?," Cammy said, disgusted. My mind went wondering. What could've happened? Is he ok? What exactly did happen? "Go get us drinks. I'll meet you soon, chica," I said and ran outside hoping I didn't lose sight of him for the rest of the night. I looked around outside and saw him sitting on the ground. I sat down next to him. " looks like you could use one of these," I said, holding out a few pills in my hand. He was hesitant. I could smell the alcohol from his pores. "It'll make you feel really good. I took one before I got here," I said. I figured making him feel comfortable would make him take it. It probably will make him feel better anyway. He put two in his mouth and chased it with my flask which was filled with Hennessy. "Thanks," he mumbled. "I'm here if you want to talk," I said. I just sat there with him. Hoping I could find out what caused the antisocial boy to get so obliterated at his first party.