Following my article about my Harry Potter next generation dreamcast (link below if you're interested), I decided to do the Marauders' Era, too, for the sake of completeness :)
A lot of them are the general consent, I think, but of course everyone has their own opinion :)

Lily Evans

doctor who, karen gillan, and amy pond image Image removed
Karen Gillian

James Potter

aaron johnson, marauders, and james potter image aaron johnson, boy, and nowhere boy image
Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Sirius Black

ben barnes and dorian gray image Image removed
Ben Barnes

Remus Lupin

andrew garfield, peter parker, and the amazing spiderman image Image removed
Andrew Garfield

Peter Pettigrew

Jamie Bell image boy, sexy, and smile image
Jamie Bell

Severus Snape

Temporarily removed louis garrel image
Louis Garrel

Marlene McKinnon

Temporarily removed best friend, book, and film image
Lily Collins

Mary MacDonald

Jennifer Lawrence, hunger games, and actress image Image by @Kranli
Jennifer Lawrence

Dorcas Meadows

beautiful, tessa thompson, and cute image tessa thompson image
Tessa Thompson

Alice Fortescue

Image removed Carey Mulligan image
Carey Mulligan

Frank Longbottom

Image removed Image by Sony Domm
Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Bellatrix Black

skin, Effy, and KAYA SCODELARIO image skins, Effy, and KAYA SCODELARIO image
Kaya Scodelario

Narcissa Black

Image by Rosalie Chanel Temporarily removed
Blake Lively

Andromeda Black

gemma arterton image gemma arterton image
Gemma Arterton

Ted Tonks

celebrity and josh image Image removed
Josh Hutcherson