is not something you're good at.
It's something you do.
Like breathing.
- Gayle Foreman

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Today I'm posting this article full of tips to make your travel experience better/ easier/ ...

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I just want to clarify I'm not a "professional". Those tips are from personal experience, and are in no way intended to hurt someone/ change someone's opinion.

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Be Prepared.

You may think you don't need a jeans in Ibiza, or that shorts have no use if you're going to a Scandinavian country, but you need to be prepared! The weather can randomly change in the middle of your vacation, and you can't do anything with croptops or shorts if it's raining cats and dogs.

Be sure to always take at least one jeans and one pair of shorts. There may be times those extra clothes are needless, but trust me, you'll be happy if you do need them.

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make sure you always take some "basics" with you.

Don't "overpack".

Ok, this one may sound a bit strange after last one, but make sure you don't pack too much. Try to get everything in one suitcase. That way, if you're going by plane, you're almost assured you can keep your suitcase in the cabine, and you can immediately go explore when you're at your destination. Nothing worse than having to wait for two hours until they got your suitcase out of the cargo hold, if you could be exporing as well!

Even if you're traveling by car, or by bus, or by anything else, it's much handier. If you even think you might not need something, leave it at home. And if it turns out you really really need something you didn't pack, you can just buy it at your destination.

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Try to fit everything into one suitcase!

Learn the Language.

Try to learn the language spoken in the country you're visiting. Locals tend to be a lot more friendy if they get the feeling you at least try to speak the language. Also, it much easier to communicate, because not all people speak English that well.

You don't need to follow a cursus (but you can, if you want). Just buy one of those little books that enlists some basic sentences and important words. The books from "... for dummies" are really good.

You can just look into it when you're on the plane, or by the pool. Literally anywhere.

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Try to learn the language.

Learn the Culture

This one is quite important: make sure you look into the culture of the coutnry. In some countries, certain colours or things are seen as disrespectful and even provocative. Try to avoid those! You are a guest in the country, so you need to adjust. You wouldn't be the first to be refused somewhere because you didn't respect the culture, even if in your eyes, you did nothing wrong.

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Respect the culture of the country.

Keep an open mind.

Don't judge people because they have another lifestyle. Again, you're the guest, you can't tell them how to live. Stop assuming you have a better lifestyle, that's very arrogant and ignorant. Be polite, ask them things, try to see why they do certain things another way. You don't need to agree, but you'll be surprised how much you can learn from them.

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Learn from other people and their lifestyle.

Don't plan everything.

You may feel more reassured if you have planned everything out, but in that way, you can't get surprised. Some of the best things that happen when you travel, happen accidentally. Just take a car or a bike and start to drive. See where you come out. Sometimes, you really find some hidden treasures, things you won't expect.

Explore. Don't stay on the highways, try to follow the sandpaths as well. Plan where you start, and 1 or 2 things you really want to do, and an ending point. For the rest, you just let the universe decide.

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Try to explore. Be free.

Make Photos.

You may forget it because you're so overthrown and enamoured by everything, but try to take pictures. These are the ideal way to capture the beauty and vibe of something. Sure, it may never be as beautiful as reality, but you just need to look at the photograph, and you feel like you're back there.

This is also perfect for when you tell friends and family about your trip. It's much easier for them to visualize what you're telling, if they see some images.

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Take pictures!

Try new things.

Don't be scared, but try to push your limits. Do things you normally wouldn't do. Try to surprise yourself. Those things will be experiences you bring back from your holiday, and you will look back at them and think "woah, I did that."

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Experience new things!


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