And while it was sounding " Buscando el mar " of Rulo y la contrabanda I closed the eyes and imagined that this contaminated breeze and the beams of the Sun of my city, they were actually refreshing and pure. I allowed that they should cross my body and imagined that I was in my people, in the high of the mountain, which my skin was gilding and the air was opening my lungs but I returned. It was in a parking near to my house walking the dog and it could not disconnect of the reality. Again I closed the eyes and transported myself again to another place. This time was a paradisiac beach that only it had seen in videoes and photos. And I returned to connect. I looked around me and understood perfectly that there is what it was necessary, what it wanted to do with my life, the person who wanted to be.

I do not want to be of those who imagine. I want to be of that they live, which come out in photographs and those that they record in order that the rest could enjoy this small portion of my happiness that I have clear that it takes root in travelling. For the people like I it is not an infatuation, is a need.

Make it count.