Hello! I'm Inês, 14 and I'm portuguese.
As you can figure I don't speak english fluently, but I always try my best.

I love kpop: that's what this account is about.
I got into k-pop back in 2016, when I listened to the song "I need U" by BTS. Maybe I fell for k-pop! As you can figure, my first favourite group was them. I'm really to be an ARMY.
Now, my ult group changed. I love NCT over everything. Apart from my bestfriends, they are the ones who make me smile the most.
My utt is Taehyung since 2016, and my utt wrecker is Haechan. Oh god i love that boy.
I love puppies, so does Jungwoo.
My aesthetic is based in yuwin and markhyuck.

I play stardoll (maggie_r2) and Love Nikki (100622005).

♥ i love you all ♥