I thought there are a lot of more songs which I really appreciate and that are helping me to smile the whole day. So this is the second part of Kpop songs that light up my mood...

Stray Kids

  • District 9
  • Grrr
  • Hellevator
  • NOT!

- You guys they are absolutely amazing!


  • Hard Carry
  • Look
  • Teenager
  • Just Right

- Such catchy songs that make you dance in the weirdest way you could ever imagine...


  • Give it to me (Agust d)
  • Tony Monatana (Agust d)
  • We are bulletproof pt.2
  • 21st Century Girl
  • Boyz with fun
  • Fire
  • Look here

- Is there more to say? I think not.


  • The chance of love
  • Something

- I discovered them lately and they´re so good!

Red Velvet

  • Bad Boy
  • Dumb Dumb
  • Peek-A-Boo

- I just love those songs


  • Electric Kiss
  • Blooming day (CBX)
  • Coming Over
  • Overdose
  • Hey Mama! (CBX)
  • Call me Baby

- I could hear them all day long!


  • Callin` from A.C.E
  • BBoom BBom from MOMOLAND
  • Likey from Twice
  • Jealousy from Monsta X
  • Just do it from BSS Seventeen
  • MOVE from TAEMIN

Hopefully there are some songs which you can add to your playlist!