Day 1. 30 Days writing challenge !

Hi everyone <3 , Today i'm going to make my first article and the first day of "30 Days writing challenge". You may ask you why i wanna do it, well i'm a writter so i do anything that could be inspiring or constructive, and i think this challenge coul help to know me better. Oh and I want to clarify that I am not an english native, so I apologize in advance for my future mistakes. So let's begin this challenge !

Day 1. "Explain the meaning of your name"

So i turned it in a poetic way, i hope you'll like it !

In a simple suburban house, a teenager asked her mother: _ " Mom, why you called me Jessica, why this first name in particular and not another one?_

Her mother did not really know what to bandage it, then answered her: _ " there is an actress who is called Jessica Fletcher, certainly dead woman at this hour. I have never adored her or hated, I have never had an opinion on her, but I knew that she was an actress. Then there was a Jessica in Star Trek, I believed, and I found her magnificent in her long white dress. I had not thought of it so far, I had not made the link, but Jessica Fletcher is not just an actress, looks on your computer what else she was."_. The teenager has opened her computer and typed the name on the Internet:

_ - She was also an author of police novels..._ she says by smiling.

_ Yes. You see, when I chose this first name, I did not really know why. I would never have suspected that you would want to become a writer by growing up, but it is the case_

The teenager says to herself that maybe, it was a coincidence, or maybe not. Maybe that it was the sign saying that she would make a success, or maybe that the universe had wanted to help her to give her confidence in her. She didn't know what it was, but she liked it anyways.

oh and please is someone can explain me how to make go "__" at the and of my italics phrases it would be very nice !

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