Goodbye ; Taemin
a song by an artist whose voice you love

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Goodbye, now forever I don’t wanna say goodbye.

Frank ; Jordan Bratton
a song that breaks your heart

books, reading, and white image coffee, aesthetic, and photography image aesthetic, bright, and flower image bed, room, and bedroom image
You gotta fight for the good things. Fight to the good, fight through the bad. Can I be frank?

Smooth ; Santana
a song you think everyone should listen to

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Like seven inches from the midday sun I hear you whisper and the words melt everyone But you stay so cool

Crazy ; 4Minute
a song from a band/group you wish were still together

Temporarily removed Image by Ana Ackermann beautiful, cute girl, and fashion image beaty, fashion, and girl image
Find your hidden self in the world before you tonight Go crazy, scream, enjoy it

#Lukatar ; Lady Leshurr
a song that moves you forward

Queen and black image Mature image beautiful, Best, and cool image Image removed
I really don't know why these girls wanna try it I'll take girls for a likkle Mars bar Or a salad, I'm on a diet

Run ; BTS
a song that has a lot of meanings to you

bts, run, and jin image grunge and aesthetic image Abusive image friends, fun, and boy image
Make me run Make me run more Let my feet rip apart with wounds

yes girl ; Bea Miller
a song that reminds you of yourself

quotes, words, and life image book, girl, and pink image dew, drops, and green image coffee, soft, and food image
I got you figured out, you need to have control You think that I don't know you, I know you, I know

That's it ♡ Hope you guys enjoy it.

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