He is/was (idk) her best friend,
He loved her, or maybe he still does (idk),
She didn't and still does not love him back,
I shipped them!

I liked him,
He told her, he didn't really like me a lot,
I got over it!

They had a big argument,
He broke up the contact and their friendship,
I felt bad, I wanted them to be happy together!

He got a new girlfried, or he was dating that girl (idk),
I wanted him to be happy with that girl, even though she was not her,
Nobody actually knows, if his date was really existing, or if they became a couple.

She told me, that she is sure about me and him becoming a couple someday,
She actually knows, that we don't have a good relationship with each other,
She knows him the best and me also not that bad,
Whatever happend,
However she got that idea,
I don't want, that it means something to me!