Sooo i was scroling through WHI and i saw lots of articles about internet friends. I want so bad to send a postcard to so many people but when i start writing at the last minute i always hesitate so i decided to make an article myself and ask from others to send me one. By the way this is my first article and english is not my first language.

Here are some facts about me:

- I'm 15 yo
- I'm from Greece
- favorite colour : any shade of blue
- I love food
- I love watcing TV shows/movies
- love traveling
- gender/sexuality/religion doesn't matter
- I'm open-minded (i like to think so, plus that's what others tell me)
- i listen to almost any kind of music
- I'm a good listener

I want long lasting friendship. I'm not intrested to someone who will text me for only a week and then not text back... I would prefer someone around my age(15-17)