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Welcome to day 11. I hope you all have a good day since I'm posting this early in the morning. Thank you to those that give me feedback, I really appreciate it. Now today's topic is something that I've done before, so some of them will be old ones. I'm only still in high school and some of these will be centered around school. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy.

og challenge

Describe 10 pet peeves that you have

i. Scuffing your feet (uggs)

I put uggs as every time I hear someone drag their feet, they're wearing Uggs. The sound really annoys me, plus uggs are you know...hideous. I live where it doesn't really get cold, therefore no need for big ass shoes.

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just look at them...hideous.

ii. Non-black folk saying the N-word

Let me start by saying I don't care if you have one black friend that lets you say it. I don’t think anything annoys me more then when some nonblack human says the n-word. I’m not just talking about white people, I’m talking non-black poc too. Just because your skin is a little does not mean you can say it. This hatred for the word probably comes from my dad who was born during a time where the N word was only used in a derogatory way.

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iii.I can't, yet I bring it up constantly

"I want something to tell you but I can't." This irritates the holy ghost out of me. If you can't tell someone something for whatever reason they don't bring it up. This is honestly so irritating and makes me lose faith in humanity.

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iv. Stopping in the middle of the hallway

I have 5 minutes to get to class and sometimes I have to go from one side of the school to the other. I don't have time for these groups of people that seem to think stopping in the middle of the hallway is a good idea. I literally always see underclassmen do this.

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v. Walking slowly

Walking behind slow people is terrible but walking behind slow couple is worse. They hold hands but can't stand right next to each other and there's this gap. You cannot move since they're taking up half the hallway. The rudest thing I've done is push through this couple as I was about to be late.

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vi. Cheating off of me...constantly

Look, I have no problem helping my peers( the ones I like) pass a class. The only problem is when they constantly ask me for answers, then get mad at me when I don't do my work one time.

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vii. Talking during a movie

I'm a film addict that loves to watch movies alone because some people can't stop asking questions. Whenever I'm watching a movie and my mom comes in, she asks a million question. Sometimes she'll be there the entire time and still ask a ton of questions. I adore films and hate when people ruin it for me. Getting slightly off topic but I also dislike going to the movie theatre and seeing people on their phones.

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viii. Standing in the front of the bus

I recently learned this when I visited Ireland and used public transportation. Please don't stand in front of the door on the bus. I almost got left behind because this guy didn't want to move. Moral of the story, mOVE.

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ix. Group work except I do all the work

I'm not a big fan of group work because I always get paired with those that don't do anything. It's just really annoying having to do every little thing.

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X. Using gay as an insult


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Thanks for sticking until the end. Sorry for any excessive profanity or aggressive tones. I'm not a half full kinda girl ( wtf why did I write this)

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