Movies You Need To Watch

Some classic and some new movies everyone should see.

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Kingsman is in my opinion one of the best movies ever made. The story is just amazing and the way Secret Service is filmed is extraordinary. I haven't had the oportunity to watch the sequel: The Golden Circle yet, but I have heard very positive reviews on it. Kingsman is about a boy, Eggsy, who ends up in a secret service called The Kingsman.

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Escape Plan

The movie Escape Plan is about a man, Ray Breslin, who is a professional on escaping prisons. For his job he will get in a prison and try to escape, to see if the securtity is ok. But this time he is put in a very modern and new prison, which he can't escape. From there on everything escalates quickly. - I think this movie is very exciting to watch.

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Now You See Me

Now You See Me is a movie about a group of four magicians who are having amazing stage magic shows under the name of The Four Horsemen. It's a very good and fun movie to watch. The sequel; Now You See Me 2 is amazing too.

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Cast Away

A C L A S S I C. If you haven't seen this hit movie starring Tom Hanks you need to watch it asap. Cast Away is about a man, Chuck Noland, who had a plane crash, causing him to be stuck on an island. The movie follows Chuck as he tries to survive the island and the boredom. This is one of the movies I can watch over and over again!

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The Siege Of Jadotville

YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS MOVIE! This is my all time favorite. It's about a group of Irish militaires who are put in Jadotville. But the UN doesn't seem to care about the cruel situation they're in and refuses to send them help. It's an amazing movie based on a true event.

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Mama Mia

Well I mean, how can you not love Mama Mia? It's such a fun good-time movie. Also, part 2 is coming soon which gives everyone an extra reason to rewatch this gem!

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Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is an amazing DC movie about Diana, aka Wonder Woman, who lives with the Amazons in the beginning of the movie. Together with an American soldier she tries to stop WW2. I love this movie, especially becauseit;s the first ever superhero movie with a woman as the leading character

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Civil War

If we're talking about super hero movies, you cannot miss this beauty. In Civil War Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Steve Rogers (Captain America) have a bit of a fight. It's just overall iconic. Also, I'm a sucker for Marvel so yeah. :)

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The Terminal

The Terminal is about Viktor, played by Tom Hanks, who travels to America, only to find out that his country doesn't 'exists' anymore. Meaning he can't get back to Krakozhia but neither can he stay in America. This leads to him being stuck on the NYC aeroport where he experiences stuff. It's a great movie!

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Call Me By Your Name

ICONIC!!! I love this movie so much, it's just amazing, and sweet, and perfect... It has the perfect amount on everything. Just watch it, you won't regret it! ;D

Call me by your name and I'll call you by mine
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The Usual Suspects

And last but not least, this classic movie. The Usual Suspects is about five man who are all suspected for a murder. Through the movie you get to know the characters and the story behind the murder. Also HUGE plot twist alert in the end...

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