Have you ever wondered how it feels like to be numb? Like...completely. Both physically and mentally. At first, you recognize that awful ache in your stomach, in your bones and in your head.....It's simply agony. You slowly become a huge mess, you can't breathe properly, you start choking and gasping out of control. Everything moves in slowmotion, including your flashbacks...every little nightmare of you appear all at once.
It makes you mad, desperate...it drives you crazy and fills you with anger, frustration and gloom. You blame yourself for all fails of yours, don't you?
You want to weep, scream, hide away from your friends and family...from the reality you've been living in. You look at your arms...trying to stimulate them with your whole weak and woeful 'power'.
But it's aggravating torment leads you to give up....leads you to lift up your tired head and look around. "Why did you do that?" you ask yourself constantly because you can't stand the hollow stare of the monster watching you. It's in the mirror....it looks so similar, so bruised. You groan by the appearance of your own reflection, seeing it bleeding, wheezing and gazing into thy eyes. You try to turn away, forget about this crazy phantom.... about yourself. However, after a minute or two you notice a new, particular feeling. It's like nothing you've ever felt.
You sense that the monster is sad. It's broken, hopeless and used. You gulp and realise that slowly, unexpectedly tears are forming in your eyes.
Strange to say, you feel a kind of connection. Between you and you. It makes you unable to look in the opposite direction.
Time freezes and your body is shaking, your eyes are widened as you don't see a certain way out of this place, except for....THAT forbidden manner. That one kind of way out of this suffocating world. It seems attractive as you consider.
They say, you need to avoid it. You need to fear it....They guess, it's a coward step. Towards a breathless state. Towards nothing.
Natheless, you think that it's a starry tunnel. Towards the end. Towards Freedom.
Suddenly...the fear and madness are gone. The phantom touches your cold skin through the mirror. Even though your whole self trembles like an autumn leaf, you shut your eyes, eventually letting go the control of your mind.

Everything is blurred, grey and pulseless. Only a faint whisper can be heard in the air:"Thou feel so numb, too."