Heyy! I actually said that I will write more this year, but it's April and I just wrote one article. But I'm moving with other goals, so writing is in waiting line.
Whatever, here's my alphabet↓

A - autumn. My favorite season.
B - being myself
C - claustrophobic
D - dead inside. Optimistic, I know
E - exercise
F - fail. I'm always failing with everything lmao
G - geography.
H - headache, because I get them daily.
I - Ignas. One of my best friends.
J - just
K - kidding
L - lying a lot
M - makeup
N - nice
O - overthinking
P - pizza
Q - quiet
R - russophobic (no joke)
S - space, because I want to be an astronaut.
T - tidy
U - unique
V - vegan
W - weak. emotionaly
X - xmas, favorite holiday.
Y - yoga
Z - zero interested in politics

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I can relate