Hey guys,

So March is long gone, but I stil wanted to share my favorite songs of march with you! So here we

1. Sex, Love and Water -Armin van Buuren.

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This song gives me absolute summer vibes! Since the weather has been better I'm feeling so happy!

2. Crazy -Gnarls Barkeley.

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This one is quite old, but it's such a fun song!

3. Footloose -Kenny Loggins

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So this is a really good movie and a very good song.

4. Wake me up before you Go-Go -Wham

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So my mom is a big big big fan of George Micheal so I basically grew up with this song.

5. 19 You + Me -Brendan Peyper

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This is the most romantic summer song ever!

6. Little Talks -Of Monsters and Men

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Also such a happy song! I've been digging happy songs lately.

7. Shut up and Dance -Walk the Moon

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Another happy song, yay!

8. My silver lining -First aid kit

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This gives me good vibes, I don't know why!

*9. Finesse -Bruno Mars ft. Cardi B.

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What more can I say, it's amazing.

So these were my fave songs of march, hope you enjoyed!

xx Rachel!

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