Hey guys ! I hope you're doing great ! So today I decided to do the "alphabet aesthetics" tag, so basically for each letter you find a word and his aesthetics. This article was inspired by this one :

⚝ A : Art

ancient, art, and dionysus image love, moon, and art image anime, anime girl, and art image Temporarily removed

⚝ B : Baby

baby, cute, and eyes image Image by Miasutta kylie jenner, baby, and stormi image baby and kids image

⚝ C : Color

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed art, leaves, and colors image Image by αsiα🌻

⚝ D :Dance

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Image removed rain, love, and couple image

⚝ E : Elefant

animals, elefant, and cute image animal, elefant, and feed image elephant, animal, and india image elephant, animal, and baby image

⚝ F : Flower

Image removed Dream, aesthetic, and quotes image flowers and yellow image anime, chihiro, and ghibli image

⚝ G : Galaxy

girl, planet, and stars image stars, sky, and night image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

⚝ H : Home

decor, home, and interiors image decoration, home, and lifestyle image awesome, home, and love it image amazing, decor, and Dream image

⚝ I : Imagination

Image removed art, creative, and imagination image beautiful, black, and color image flowers, art, and light image

⚝ J : Journal

aesthetic, art, and black image Image by 🤹‍♀️ aesthetic, blue, and boho image bullet journal, aesthetic, and inspiration image

⚝ K : Kiss

Inspiring Image on We Heart It aesthetic, boy, and grunge image Temporarily removed Image by Marianny

⚝ L : Library

Image by Flos Autumnus building, interior, and library image books, reading, and book lights image book, books, and bookworm image

⚝ M : Museum

Image by @flumend Image removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

⚝ N : Night

blue, moon, and night image Temporarily removed Image by Intricate Syndacate Inspiring Image on We Heart It

⚝ O : Ocean

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image removed american, cemetery, and france image

⚝ P : PSG

football, happy, and victory image psg image psg image paris, neymar, and psg image

⚝ Q : Quote

quotes, memories, and future image cry, empty, and hate image Temporarily removed quotes image

⚝ R : Rain

blue, navy, and ocean image Image by Intricate Syndacate beautiful, rain, and storm image nice image

⚝ S : Serpent

animal, artsy, and glitter image snake, green, and aesthetic image aesthetic, animal, and beauty image art, snake, and pink image

⚝ T : Tear

grunge, tattoo, and aesthetic image sad, cry, and tear image sad, bart, and simpsons image sad image

⚝ U : Umbrellas

aesthetic, anime, and anime girl image black, umbrellas, and ☔ image aesthetic, blue, and colorful image Temporarily removed

⚝ V : Vegetation

background, green, and pink image background, close up, and clouds image mystery, vegetation, and the stairs of mystery image arbol, naturaleza, and paisaje image

⚝ W : Water

Image by Victoria 🦋 summer, beach, and water image flowers, rose, and water image Temporarily removed

⚝ X : X-ray

bath, skeleton, and skull image anatomy, girl, and x ray image Mature image brother, colorful, and colors image

⚝ Y : Yellow

bee, flowers, and happy image Mature image background, colors, and Jaune image diane leonard image

⚝ Z : Zebra

Image by Isabella zebra, animal, and africa image africa, animal, and black and white image Image by Gal

Here it is guys ! Hope you liked ! See you soon ! ♥