gossip girl, leighton meester, and blair waldorf image gossip girl, blair waldorf, and leighton meester image
Blair Waldorf | Gossip Girl
blake lively, style, and gossip girl image blake lively, gossip girl, and serena image
Serena van der Woodsen | Gossip Girl
skam, noora, and william image Image removed
Noora Sætre | SKAM
riverdale, camila mendes, and veronica lodge image outfit, riverdale, and veronica lodge image
Veronica Lodge | Riverdale
holland roden, teen wolf, and lydia martin image Image removed
Lydia Martin | Teen Wolf
Image removed blue, fashion, and makeup image
Hanna Marin | Pretty Little Liars
beauty, fashion, and style image lucy hale, pretty little liars, and pll image
Aria Montgomery | Pretty Little Liars