Since you guys liked my article about underrated artists to listen to, I thought I’d do a similar one but about songs. Here are 10 songs that I love but I think don’t get enough credit!

burning bridges by Bea Miller

art, painting, and theme image city, san francisco, and america image
You left me with a craving I can’t feel, Got me wondering what I had yesterday, Tell everyone I’m fine, but I’m still, Sitting here choking on the aftertaste

Double by Blackbear

Temporarily removed rose, fire, and flowers image
Know you wrapped up in the wrong relationship, You read each other’s texts and shit, I’d rather read your body language

Another sad love song by Khalid

flowers, aesthetic, and rose image place, places, and beautiful image
I took the time to think of what you said, You were tap-dancing in my head, I must be honest, I have a lot of pride, But I’m broken inside

Wrapped around your finger by 5 seconds of summer

Inspiring Image on We Heart It grunge, blue, and quotes image
Screaming at the top of my lungs till my chest felt tight, I told myself that I’m never gonna be alright, You had me wrapped around your finger

Sad song by The Vamps

eyes, girl, and blue image flowers, summer, and spring image
Though I stopped calling you, And I stopped taking your messages, Never stopped loving you, Girl you’re still running through my head

Why try by Ariana Grande

flowers, aesthetic, and lips image car, pink, and vintage image
Kills me how you love me then you cut me down, I’ll do the same, We been living like angels and devils, devils

Got me wondering by Taya

indie, clouds, and aesthetic image nature, travel, and landscape image
You really gotta let me know, Cause I don’t have a clue at all, Other thinking the flaw, Is it love is it not, Got me wondering now

100 letters by Halsey

Image removed Mature image
Cause I have spent too many nights on dirty bathroom floors, To find some peace and quiet right behind a wooden door

Sun tan by Wallows

summer, girl, and beach image beach, summer, and glasses image
Spending all this time by myself, Just shopping at the mall, You just wanna talk it all out, But I ignored your call

My song by Alessia Cara

blue, ocean, and navy image blue, theme, and navy image
I can’t blend in you can’t replace me, And you cannot erase me, Cause my song will live on beyond time

If you haven’t heard some of these, you should definitely check them out!