Welcome to my new article. For writing on this topic I got inspired by myself. My eighteen birthday is almost here so I wanted to share with you guys what have I learnt during seventeen years.


1. Things will happen when they are supposed to

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You just need to wait. Good things take time believe me.

2. Time heals almost everything

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This is connected with title up. You just need to let it go and direct your energy on important things. Time will take care.

3. What other people thing of you is none of your business

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People will always talk and you can not stop that instead get used to it. Try to take advice from that. People usually gossip about someone when they are jealous.

4. Do not compare yourself to others

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You are unique the way you are.

5. Your family is important

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They are always there for you.

6. Scarf are beautiful

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They make you special.

7. It is okay to be single

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Do not worry about those things, You will find someone when the time comes.

8. Your successful depends on you

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Write down your goals and go for making them real.

9. Learn to love yourself

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You are important to you.

10. You can be anthing

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You can do what you want you can be what you want.

11. Not everybody you meet can be called friends

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When you meet someone take time to get to know them.

12. Do not live with regret

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You have done it and what now. During that moment it was a good idea and now you have learnt something from that. Take it as a life lesson.

13. Do not change for anybody

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Be yourself and everybody will love you the way you are.

14. Stop thinking to much

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15. Smile more it is good for you

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16. Travel can change your view on life

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When you travel you learn so much. You learn about different cultures and you also learn more about food, fashion and etc.

17. Books teach you

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When you read you learn about someone else life. You see how they struggle with their problems. You see how they find their happiness.


That is all for this article and I know it is long but I hope you enjoyed. If you have some extra comments feel free to send me a message.

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