Pastel colours are so pretty! Maybe it's their softness or because they remind me of childhood, but they are really neat. These are a few shades:
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Here's how to include more in your daily life.
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You don't have to limit yourself to spring or summer. I have a pastel pink winter coat that stands out from the usual dark colours
Make up
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It is fun to experiment with all the different shades, especially with nail polish!
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Pastel hair can look amazing. If you don't want to risk hair damage by constant colouring and bleaching, try a wash-out or semi-permanent colour. Otherwise a wig is just as great!
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You can always have fun with pastel accessories, even if it is something small like a bracelet or something to put in your hair
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Pillows, walls, bed sheets, photo frames etc.
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Makes your collection so much cuter! Pastel highlighters are my favourite
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Brighten up all your tech! can always try something sweet. Treat yourself!
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Thanks for reading! <3