Sometimes in life, you find youself in a situation where everything is ok. It might be when you're watching the sunrise, it might be when you're on the train, it might even be when you're walking home from work/school. These are the songs I love to listen to, in those times. Enjoy!

mindy gledhill - hourglass
kina grannis - mr sun
tom rosenthal - was it you who i saw?
tom rosenthal - got gold
andrew kozar - ha na's lullaby
the 1975 - she lays down
the paper kites - tenenbaum
the paper kites - sink in
the paper kites - arms
iwan rheon - diaries
future of forestry - things that we should say

crazy, rain, and smile image moon, people, and aesthetic image a.a. milne, british, and earth image Image by SHITHYPE
life is simple, don't overcomplicate it
Inspired by Memorite