Inspired by the song 1961 of the band The Fray.

1961, Two Brothers.

I remember that we used to play a lot during our childhood. Most of the time together. You liked chess and I liked baseball. Even younger, teachers wanted to separate us. But we had always found a strategy to stay close. You remember when people called us the “incredible twins”. It was so funny. I missed that. You were the clever one and I was the athletic one.

We didn't need our absent mother. She was never there. Just flirting with another man whereas our true father wasn't with us. We were american twins. We were growing up by ourselves, you remember ?

Remind you about Anne. The girl we both loved. Our first true argument. Nobody had her. At least, not one of us. It was better like that. I didn't want to let her go but above all, I didn't want to let you go bro. As a result, we promised to not change and never argue again, you remember ?

1989, Third Brothers.

Twenty-seven years later, mum was pregnant. Of course she didn't even know the name of the father. As if she would. It makes me laugh. George was so cute with his little hands. It was at the same time that you met her, right ? Suzie was her name. I'm lying, I know it was Suzie. She was fucked up and you wanted to save her. But bro, you were also broken. We were the shattered brothers. You were so kind and helpful. On the other hand, you neglected us. We were busy because of the university. I took care of George instead of mum. Fortunately, he didn't feel abandon. But he missed you, you remember ?

An other failure. Suzie left you. You were now the fucked up bro.You were so stress because of studies and you were so upset. She couldn't support all that stuffs. And I understand her. Expect that at that time I was crossed with her. How couldn't I be mad ? I mean, she destroyed you. Look at you now.

I feel like I was too careless about you. I thought you were fine. Obviously, I was wrong. You were just lying. And I didn't realize it. I blame myself so much, you can't imagine. I feel responsible. If I did something. But I didn't. We could change so many things with a simple “if”.

You, the sensible one, don't be ashamed, you're not alone. I'm sorry I didn't noticed. You began to smoke. I smelled it. But the rest, I couldn't know. You hide everything. George were so young. Mum wasn't present. I couldn't. I'm so sorry bro.

And that night. Mum found something. The only thing she has ever found in her life. You yelled, I shouted, mum hadn't say a word and George was crying. You ran away. You literately ran. It was a rainy day. You didn't see it, I hope so. The car didn't see you either.

I'm seating here, in front of you. I'm waiting a miracle like every day. Perhaps the destiny has something good for you. I hope that you wake up. For us. For you. We're still young. It's been one year. You have so many things to do with your brilliant brain.

The nurse is coming. She's really nice. I want to invite her. But I'm scared to be rejected. How strange, right ? George is telling me that she loves me. He's a kid but he's smart. I should follow his advice. He reads you books when he comes. Mum stopped drinking. She wants to catch up. She regrets her acts. It's hard to forgive her, nonetheless I'm trying to.

It's time to go. I have to work. I want to be a teacher. As if. I'm going to be an english teacher dude, not an athletic one. Books helped me a lot when the accident happened.

Well, see you tomorrow bro. We love you, I love you bro. You remember ?

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I wrote this story a long time ago and I decided to publish it for the competition of @authorelodie . Her stories are great so I decided to participate.
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✩ 1961 by The Fray

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